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With Child ID Kit, you will be ready with all the information for the worst case scenarios. Child ID Kit has all the vital information available.

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Go Through The List Prepared By Our Safety Experts, and Make Sure You Follow All.
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Go through our Child Safety Blog and make sure that you are well prepared.
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At SafetyKart.com we have been trying to make sure that every aspect of your life remains safe.
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Child ID Kit
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Child Id Kit allows parents to collect information by recording fingerprints and physical traits of children on identification cards.

When did you last note down your child’s measurement like his height, or got a clean passport size photo or any other record which may be required in times of emergency. In case of an emergency, authorities always need vital information to locate and ultimately identify any person. Child ID Kit will give authorities vital information to identify a missing child. With this kit it will be easier for you to give authorities all the information that they will need.

The Goal

We recommend all parents to update their child’s photograph in the kit at least twice a year. This information should be kept safe in your safe custody at home or with you while you travel. We would encourage schools to keep a copy of SafetyKart.com’s Child ID Kit with them for emergency purposes.

What The Kit Offers ?

The Child ID kit has space for all the information that authority will need in case of an emergency. You will be prepared in case of a natural calamity or in case your child goes missing. The Child ID kit has a large and unobstructed chart for clear and clean fingerprints, important child safety tips, profile area to record a child’s physical characteristics as well as health and medical information.

Ready To Rumble?

Now you can register yourself on SafetyKart.com and get free delivery on SafetyKart.com's Child ID Kit. You can order a separate order for the kit, or include it in your regular order from SafetyKart.com. Every registered user can order upto one pack of Child ID Safety Kit.
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Stars From Child Safety

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Child Safety Tips

Compiled by the Industry Experts from Child Safety, this is a concise list of Tips.


Always ask your child to document major daily events, it will help him & you keep a track of things.

You Should Know

You should always know where your child is at all times. Keep a note of all his daily/weekly activities.


Always keep a healthy channel of communication between you and your children. They should be ready to share info with you.

Empower With Phone

When they are of age, you should empower your child with a basic phone, so that you can get in touch in case of emergency.

Track When Out of City

Track your kid when he is out of station on camping, or school trip. Make sure you get in touch with the school authorities with them on the trip.

Child Should Know

Child should always remember his/her name, address, parents phone number, etc. Teach them emergency protocol and make sure they are updated from time to time.
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